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Raising children with virtues

You get a child and all of a sudden you are a parent. But how do you bring it up? Annelies Wiersma discovered Linda Kavelin-Popovs books with the 52 inspiring virtues such as courage, enthusiasm and responsibility. She became a Virtues Project Master Facilitator and gives courses based on Popovs five strategies for character education. In this cheerful book with its comic-strip drawings she brings the theory to life with examples from her courses and tells us in a touching, funny and intimate way about the practice she knows best: raising her own son.

Linda Kavelin-Popov - Virtues Project Founder: 
`Annelies Wiersmas humorous, helpful and honest insights about applying Virtues Strategies as a parent, offer a welcome companion to The Family Virtues Guide. 

ISBN 978 94 920940 32

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